Introduction To Green Living


With recent concerns about the increasing level of pollution and many deathly diseases, people are paying more attention to green living and their impact on the environment. It is a new concept but it is also well favored by multimedia channels such as television and radios as well as the governments.

If you don’t know much about green living and its benefits or if you are still looking for various methods to live greener, read on to have more information about these problems.

First of all, what is green living?

The name of the concept is able to tell you the core principle of green living. The main purpose of green living is that you reduce the amount of energy including water and electricity as well as other nonrenewable sources such as gas and plastic in order to save these natural resources for your next generation.

The concept of green living is also known as sustainability living, which means that you need to use your natural resources in an economical way so that your children and the children of your children can continue to use them.

In addition, green living also means trying to avoid leaving as much impact on the environment as possible. For example, you don’t use harmful chemicals for cleaning or painting as well as using other chemicals for growing vegetables. They are 2 ways you should use to avoid to spread chemicals into our air.

There are many things that you can do in order to pursuit the style of green living. Let’s have a look at some few examples below:

  1. How To Green Live In Rural Areas

How To Green Live In Rural Areas

One of the biggest advantages of people living in rural areas I always admire is that the rural people have a lot of great chances to grow their own vegetables. There are miles and miles of fertile land which you cannot find in big cities.

When growing your own vegetables, you should only use organic chemicals for your vegetables only. If you have plenty of space, time and skills, you can expand to have collect milk and meat from your own farm.

With big space and not too many tall buildings in the surrounding areas, you can invest in renewable resources such as solar panel and wind power generation.

  1. How To Green Live In Big Cities

With limited space and time available to you, you might find it hard to grow your own vegetables in big cities. One good solution to this problem is that you grow you buy organic vegetables from supermarkets. Pay attention to the labels of the products when you buy organic ones. When it says it is an organic product, you should not believe it right away. A truly organic source needs to have real label from the authorities in charge.

Try to have as many plants as possible. You can try to plant flowers and plants inside and outside your houses. There are many types of plants such as Boston fern and water lily which can do a good job in absorbing dirt and harmful chemicals before releasing fresh and clean oxygen back to the air.

Instead of going to work by car, you can turn to different greener means of transportation. Buses, metro and trams are very popular and convenient public transport. You can also go to work by your bicycle. It is green and friendly towards the environment and also helps you to keep fit.

If you still want to go by car to work, considering carpool to save you money on transporting. Less car means less exhaust fumes and less pollution.

How To Green Live In Big Cities

  1. How To Green Live No Matter Where You Are

These ideas below can be applied to both rural and urban cities. First of all, you need to turn off the lights and other electrical appliances when you don’t use them. This will help you to save a lot of money you have to pay for these sources of energy.

In addition, all of the electrical appliances in your house should be energy efficiency. Whenever you go out shopping for new pieces of electrical appliances, you should check the label of the product for the certification of energy star.

Having a home inspector once a year to your house is a good idea for green living practicing. When the home inspector comes to your house, he or she will be able to check for the working conditions of your heating and air cooling system. If the system is not working properly, they would be able to suggest your ways to have it fixed. In addition, the home inspector will help you to check for the water system and possible leakages.

How To Green Live No Matter Where You Are

Although having a home inspector to check your house is quite expensive, you can save a lot of money if you spot a problem in your house soon and have it fixed right afterwards.

Try not to use products with harmful chemicals. The products that use chemicals can range from cleaning products to hygiene products. The most harmful types of product are the spraying ones. When you spray them, the chemicals inside these products can quickly escape and spread into the air, reducing the quality of the air around you.

Here are some ways you can do in order to practice a healthy green living style. By doing these simple yet effective methods of living, you are able to maintain a good health for you and do many good deeds for the environment.

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