Introduction about Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners


When you look for the best vacuum for the money, you will find some models from Electrolux.  And in case you want to buy the best vacuum cleaner with the best effectiveness and efficiency, you probably find one or some from this company as well. There are many products with different options, price ranges and features this company has to offer you.

Provided that you are searching for a new vacuum cleaner for your house or to replace the old one, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to look for the best models on the market at the moment.

Since the choices offered to you is limitless, there are some important features that you always need to consider. For me, it is a brand that I can trust and one of the best brands manufacturing vacuum cleaners is Electrolux.

Here is the brief introduction about the history of the brand

Vacuum Cleaner

  • Electrolux is not the first company to start developing and manufacturing vacuum cleaners. And this type of household appliance is not its only sole product on the market.
  • The company was founded in Sweden around 90 years ago but it only started to produce vacuum cleaner since the 1970s.
  • When it started, there was little reputation about the company and it had to sell the product by going directly to each household and advertise the product.
  • Sooner people started to take notice about this brand and buy more of it. Later on, the vacuum cleaner of Electrolux was introduced to be sold on the shelves of various department stores.

What make Electrolux the market leader of its fields?

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner

Since its establishment, the products, especially the vacuum cleaner range, are well known for their durability. Sometimes, in some families, it is passed down as a part of a tradition. When the grandma has been using one model of Electrolux for a long time, it is the granddaughter’s turn to buy a new Electrolux vacuum cleaner. Different technologies and maybe types, but the same brand is what generations and generations was looking for.

While all models of vacuum cleaners from Electrolux are so durable, they will surely need to be repaired and maintained frequently. As long as the conditions of your vacuum cleaner are covered in the warranty, you can bring your Electrolux vacuum cleaner to any services store throughout America to have it fixed, no matter where you bought it from.

As I mention above, one of the biggest strength of Electrolux vacuum cleaners is that there are a lot of options for you to choose from. Tell me what you need in a vacuum cleaner and I will help you to find the one suitable for your needs from Electrolux brand.

  • If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner to use in a house where one family member is really sensitive to some allergic triggers such as dander and mites, you might want to buy the Oxygen model. This type of vacuum cleaner comes with a very strong HEPA filter, which is capable of capture the tiniest bit of dirt and participles.
  • In case quite is the most important characteristic that you want to look for in vacuum cleaner as you have babies and kids in your house, you might want to opt for the Harmony model. It works with the less noisy possible- almost no noise at all.
  • There are many features that you can look for in a model of Electrolux. There is upright model in case you want to vacuum the high ceiling in your house and don’t have a lot of space to store a vacuum cleaner in your house. Not to mention there are other types of vacuum cleaners with different sizes, designs and colors for you to choose from.
  • Have you heard about bagless and bagged vacuum cleaner? If you don’t want to clean your vacuum cleaner often, you can go for various types of bagged Electrolux models such as the Pronto. And in case you want to save money on buying new bag every time, you can go for the Proto model.

Some notices you should know when you want to buy an Electrolux vacuum cleaner

  • Make sure you buy a vacuum cleaner from a trusted source. Buying online is a good option. However, you need to make sure you buy a new one, not a rebuilt one. Always look for the stores with good return policy so you can bring the product back if you don’t like it.
  • Read your warranty conditions carefully and compare the differences between different warranties of various stores to decide which one is the best. Not all of the warranties are the same and you should seek for one which can cover you the most.
  • If you are unsure about what types of Electrolux models you should buy, you can have a look at the current models they are selling on their website. Moreover, you can come to stores to seek for advices from experts before you consider further.

Electrolux has earned its way to become one of the most successful brands in the vacuum cleaner market. With a wide range of models for your selection, you will probably find one that suits your lifestyles and needs of a vacuum cleaner. With high quality product and good after sales service, these products from Electrolux will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers.

My name’s Helen Macdonald. In fact, I often ended up with vacuum cleaners which were no good to me. Well, we learn from experience, right? And in fact, my long hours of research and intensive experience of buying and trying out vacuum cleaners have made me gain a wealth of information. I am more than ready to share this information.

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